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Videocolposcope SLV-101 is a compact, portable device with high quality digital video camera and powerful LED lamp installed in its body.
The main difference of the digital videocolposcope comparing with conventional devices is possibility to observe high quality zoomed out
(up to 252 times*) image on the screen of the monitor.

(camera, vertical stand, Rotary console,
Table, LCD monitor holder)
17''LCD monitor (upon customer's request)

5.6''LCD monitor (upon customer's request)

                                                                                                                                         (upon customer's request)

 Camera type:

- SONY CCD;   

 Effective pixel:

- (500000) pixels;

 Zoom (Lens+Digital):              - up to 252 times (x21+x12);   
 Light Source:- ultra-bright LED of 5 generation;


more then 2200 Lux;     

 Depth of View:- 5-300 mm;
 Angle of View (H):- 48° (tele end)- 2.8° (wide end);
 White balance:- Auto;
 Working distance:- Autofocusing - 200-300 mm;               
- Manual focusing - 150 - 350 mm;

 Continuously working hours:  

- more than 8 hours;


- more than 5000 hours;       

 Backlight Compensation: 

- Auto;

 Focusing System:

- Auto, Manual;

 Manual focusing control:        - control panel;

 Internal Filter:

- Electronic green filter;
- Positive / Negative;

 Antiglare filter:- Manual glare control;

 Camera Operation Switch:    

- Zoom tele, Zoom wide;

 Camera output standard:   


 Video output:- S-Video, Video, USB;
 Power supply:- AC (100-240)V, (50-60)Hz;
 System rated power:- 100 W;
 Working temperature:           - 10° C to 40° C;
 Classification:- Electromedical equipment
 Weight:                                    - up to 20 kg

               MEDICAP software allows to create and keep the Patient Database.
               The data base serves the capture and storage of patienst's data,
               investigations, pictures, videos and documents. Besides, there are following possibilities:
                    - cataloging of examined patients;
                    - automatic searching within Database;
                    - archiving and printing of obtained images; 
                    - generating of reports on examination results;
                    - printing of these reports;
                    - applications of visual report for scientific and clinical work, for consultation with experts, ets.    




- Easy to define pathology even at insignificant alterations of tissue shape and color;
- High quality durable LED lamp ensures bright, white light; therefore at any room lighting examined objects are presented of their natural color;
- Several doctors may take part during examination;
- Green filter allows removal of red artifacts without affect to the lighting;
- The Antiglare filter allows to remove the glare on the image of examined part;
- S-VIDEO, VIDEO and USB ports included in the colposcope allow image transmission to any domestic TV set, PC monitor or computer itself to convey, store, process and print the image;
- Zoom adjustment, automatic and manual image focusing and frame freezing are easy to operate by controller pushbuttons installed in a handy handle of the device;
- The software enables data storing and archiving as well as recording, etc. All these features increase the opportunities of this vodeocolposcope application in clinical diagnostics and patient treatment as well as in scientific research works;
- Can be supplied three options of the devices set: either vertical mobile stand or vertical mobile stand with monitor bracket (retainer) and hinge support which facilitates patient examination procedure.

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